4G LTE Data Cloud
ATT Mobile Data 4g lte

Mobile Data isn't what it used to be!

Whether used for back-up or primary internet connectivity, or improving communications and work flow processes, Genuity will tailor the best Voice and Data solution to meet a businesses individual needs.  Problems with signal strength in a building?  No problem for Genuity - with complete Mobile Solutions Design and in/out door Antenna and Signal Boosting solutions.

User Benefits


  • Higher speeds for data uploads and downloads

    • Enabling use of business applications by having numerous data streams larger files, all more quickly

  • Improved performance from fast-moving vehicles allowing for real-time communications

  • Better reliability with a LTE connection

  • Increased mobility

  • Improved application performance

Technical Performance Benefits


  • Higher bandwidth (data speeds)

  • Low latency, lower idle-to-active times (improved network responsiveness)

  • High spectrum efficiency provides higher network capacity, increased cost efficiency

  • Backwards compatibility and future-proofing

  • Velocity tolerance

  • Easier integration, improved cost efficiency with an All IP network

  • Quality of Service (QoS) differentiation and Enhancements to security