Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The current release of MetroE-DIA and CES provides an SLA for Service Availability.



Genuity Networks, LLC. (“Geunity”) is committed to providing a reliable, high-quality network to support its E-DIA service.  If an Eligible Customer (as defined below, also referred to herein as a “Customer”) experiences a failure of this Service parameter, Genuitywill provide Customer with an SLA Credit as described herein.




“Genuity Network” refers to the network elements, which are owned, operated, and maintained by Genuity.


“Eligible Customer” means any Customer who has purchased Service from Genuity and is currently in good financial standing.  Customer is not eligible for any SLA Credits for Outages due to Customer action or inaction, force majeure events, or Outages not on the Genuity network.


“Outage” means a time period during which the demarcation point UNI port (Ethernet hand-off)

is unable to send or receive data.


“Service Availability is the ratio of minutes the service is available to the total minutes in a given calendar month.


“SLA Credits” are defined as the credits to be provided to Customer by Genuity for an Outage under this Service Level Agreement.


Service Availability Agreement:  The Service on the Genuity Network will be available at least 99.9% of the time (“Service Availability”) in a calendar month.


In order to be eligible for SLA Credits, Customer must report an Outage by opening a trouble ticket with  Genuity.  The length of an  outage  is  calculated  based  on  outage  information contained in the specific trouble ticket (close date/time minus open date/time less any stop clock time).



SLA Credits:   Customer is eligible for SLA Credit if Genuityfails to meet its Service Availability goal.  The credit is determined by multiplying the applicable percentage shown in the below table by the monthly recurring charge (“MRC”) for the particular affected/non- performing Service.















Claims  for  SLA  Credits  must  be  submitted  to  Genuity within  a  30 days of the occurrence of the outage and pursuant to the established dispute process outlined in Geunity’s Wholesale Billing Dispute Resolution Guide.



Credits as provided under this SLA are Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for Outages or any other service-affecting issues.


Policy Change

Genuity reserves the right to change, amend or revise this policy at any time.